i heart you

Valentines day is coming.. so I thought Id celebrate this very american holiday by holding a swap party for all my ladies.. with cocktails and appetizers and crafts. If you were here Id put you to work in the kitchen but since you are not I think Ill make Mikert serve us. He'll like it cause he'll get to buy a new outfit. 

I like these as goodie bags. Martha is so clever.

and this will most likely be made and served.

and on these I will put tiny cute vintage pictures.. or things from blunt card. 

and to honor you I was thinking we'd make one of these. You love it. 

1 comment:

Johanna said...

You know me so well. I would attach a blunt card to those... something making fun of Valentine's Day. Or I would say "Happy V-Day! Thanks for coming!"


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