hunger strikes

What do I have to say or eat to be considered a foodie?

They are foodie saints.
I want to be a foodie saint.

Would a late night binge of wasabi rice chips make me eligible?

ps. Jess, if you're reading this, can you please make me some of Deb's apple cheddar scones?


tabitha jvonne (kerr) akins said...

funny. I was just thinking about how i eat pasta basically three times a week and how if I took the time to make the pasta look pretty and add something unexpected that people would think I was a foodie. If I could only add about 7 more hours to my day that would definitely happen.

I like Katie, aussies are fun, and make pretty food.

I bet Deb and Hammie would be friends.. they could bond over meat and reheating things.

Jessica said...

I'm on it.

Johanna said...

Good sister. I suspect you will blog about it? And make sure to send me some of the product?

Jessica said...

Of course. I just have to find some good white cheddar.

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