me too

Funny you should mention your favorite band's new single...
you know i'm kidding right??

My favorite artist has put out a new single! Eeee!!!

I'm about to call you back right now, I swear! 

xx jo


In October of 2011, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians traveled to the remote countryside of Iceland to document their experience with the landscape, traditions and people encountered along the way. The end result is a series of improvised, collaborative musical vignettes - based on field recordings and visual material collected on location - amidst documentary footage of the journey to a uniquely breathtaking place. 
This is Outliers. 

It's stunning. 
 It makes me want to be a filmmaker. 

New York Underground Public Library

This guy documents new yorkers reading in the subway and then writes the titles as a caption so people can find new books, or be nosy I suppose. I may check this several times a week to see if Michael and I are listed. Because we constantly read on the train I can only assume it will be a matter of time before we debut on UNYPL

I have learned two things from this:
1. you must always look cute, even your reading face might be captured for eternity.
2. you can make a job out of anything.


drowning unicorns

Suddenly, it all makes sense!

Thanks to these Australians. 

Hope your day is lovely! xx jo

up up and away

I found this DIY wedding project...

and can't tell it this sends a positive or a negative view on marriage...

What do you think?


I spent the day in the studio.

I was a black sheet wandering
through my own dreams
stopping my own sleep

Too bad you live in a different country and can't make it to my gigs... 

xx jo.


Some Friday music for you (and all other YouTube users)...


xo jo.
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