It's Satuuuuuuurday Night!

Are you a SNL fan? I can't remember. I know it's american but since it's sometimes funny I thought you might like it. My Saturday night is not so funny. Our heater is on and off and so I've been wearing my nuddle as a robe all night. What would I do without Martha?

I really like that orange jar in the pic. Also when I looked up a pic to show you I'm pretty sure there was one of a mom breastfeeding a toddler while wearing a Nuddle. The package specifically says holes are for arms only... but hey- each to their own.

My Saturday also consisted of editing and uploading these awesome pics:

They are some of the coolest people I know. Seriously.

We also sold our dresser and may have found a buyer for our couch. Dont worry we still have an air mattress for you. :)

To combat the cold I just had a cup of peppermint tea. ( I love these glasses! )

And an entire dark choco bar.

Hope your Saturday is warm!

1 comment:

Johanna said...

Um... of course we have SNL. I'm not even going to type the sarcastic comments that I'm thinking right now. :)

ps. Your Current friends are soooo cool! Do they follow us?

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