this and that. tat tat tat.

It's reasons like this girl right here that I want a tattoo. You may not know this but I'm not good with pain.. however I am extremely competitive and stubborn so I think I could handle it- just to say that I did it. Okay maybe that's not a good enough reason.. either way I'm now obsessed with her blog. Ps. I really should document my daily outfits. What do you think? xo

We have similar taste. Cant you see me wearing this outfit?

Double fingered ring: were already best friends.

the tats.

turquoise ring.. need I say more?

1 comment:

Johanna said...

You would never get a tattoo. It's as likely as me joining a nudist colony. But I can see you documenting your wardrobe. You'll need a separate blog for that...

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