Once upon a Christmas time..

 We took a trip to Florida wondering what Christmas might mean..

 Couldn't find it in food so I had some juice that was green..

Christmas #1 had 9 different trees, even one by the pool

 I decided to go for a ride, in light of the yule

Christmas #2 had its own balcony with a beach and a view

Christmas #3 had so many desserts that I didn't know what to do..

So I stayed up sewing while Mikert slept at my feet..

I made this necklace, isnt it neat?

Christmas day we spent on the road again my dear,

 Finally made it back only to find that Thomas Kinkade had been here

Christmas # 4 We all held our breath to see if Jay would show..

He did! It was a Christmas miracle!   

We celebrated with much rejoicing, prezzies, and a bow

Christmas #5 was spent watching a movie starring JTT.

We ended the day with a trip to the town center tree

Prezzies big and prezzies small 

 Here are some favorites from them all

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